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About +MAP Architects

We create modern architecture that seeks to excite, lift the spirits, and create a sense of place.

+MAP is a design led studio, formed in Christchurch in 2001. The practice is a partnership between Huia Reriti and Simon Elvidge, and operates with an average of 15 to 20 staff. We enjoy the continuity of involvement from Kerry Mason, founding partner of +MAP. We work on a broad range of projects across varied typologies, scale, and diverse locations.


Huia Reriti

Huia’s Top 20 x Architecture:

• Imperial Palace: Tokyo
• Opera House: Sydney
• 30 St Mary Axe (The Gherkin): London
• Eiffel Tower: Paris
• Notre Dame du Haut: Ronchamp
• Seagram Building: New York
• Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore: Florence
• Flavian Amphitheatre: Rome
• Piazza San Marco: Venice
• Duomo di Milano: Milan
• Basilica de la Sagrada Familia: Barcelona
• El Pabellón de Barcelona: Barcelona
• The Farnsworth House: Plano
• S. C. Johnson Wax headquarters: Racine
• Milwaukee Art Museum: Milwaukee
• Fallingwater: Mill Run
• The Oculus: New York
• Stahl House: Los Angeles
• Walt Disney Concert Hall: Los Angeles
• Marina Bay Sands Luxury Hotel: Singapore


Simon Elvidge

Simon brings a broad depth of experience to the practice having lead the design and execution of many of MAP’s residential and commercial projects throughout New Zealand. Simon leads many of the larger scale projects, with a particular interest in the process of design and construction. Together we seek to combine a high level of design focus with commercially viable and sustainable buildings that speak of the time, circumstance and people that lead to their creation.

The Team

The Team

Huia and Simon are supported by a core team of architectural talent consisting of Registered Architects, Graduate Architects and Architectural Technicians. The practice has grown year on year and enjoys a diverse portfolio of work; currently with 17 design staff allowing the necessary resources to continue to perform and engage with new projects.



We strive for creative, innovative, appropriate Architecture. We believe buildings have the ability to evoke imagery beyond the functional requirements and speak of the people, place and time that they engage with. A juxtaposition of intuitive and analytical design approaches informs a response that is regionally focused, contextual and functional.



We seek for each project to become a positive legacy for the owner, and for current and future generations. Sustainability and energy efficiency are core values of +MAP Architects. We take an integrated design approach, with a high level of collaboration between the client and consultant team, to ensure each project is sympathetic to environmental and programmatic requirements. The future flexibility and adaptability of each project is carefully considered.


We approach each project as an individual challenge, with unique opportunities and constraints. A high level of collaboration with the client and consultant team informs an innovative and unique response. We consider these issues to be more important than working in a particular style and hope that each project will be an original interpretation of the client, site, brief and budget.

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Collectively the Principals bring an impressive blend of design focus and detail experience to each project regardless of size and stature.